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Denton Township Office
Contact Info.
(989) 366-5913

Ext. 202- Treasurer
Ext. 204- Supervisor
Ext. 209- Clerk
Ext. 205- Assessor
Ext. 206- Zoning & Land Use
Ext. 200- Deputy Treasurer
Ext. 201- Deputy Clerk

Denton Twp RV Park
Shawn Walser
(231) 632-7036

Denton Township Police Department

To contact the Denton Township Police Department for a 
non-emergency question you may call and leave 
a message at (989) 366-4518 and an officer will return your call. 
You may also call Central Dispatch on their non-emergency number (989) 275-0911 
and ask that an officer return to the office when available.

Thank you Walmart for the $1000.00 grant.
The funds will be used for equipment for the Police Department.

Property Check Form

The Denton Township Police Department will check your property when you are out of town 
for an extended period. If you would like to add your property to the list, you may fill out the form 
and leave it at the Denton Township Offices or at the Denton Township Police Department. 
You may also stop in and speak with an officer 
or call the police department at: (989) 366-4518.
As of July 2012, we will now be making accident reports available online.  
Visit the LexisNexis eCrash website to order your accident report online. 
You may still come to our office to pick up a copy of your report.